New Logo, new ideas13/03/2015
New Logo, new ideas

In march 2015 we have updated our logo, with a new, professional, modern and recognizable symbol. The new logo gradually will replace the old one in all the communication activities.
We... more

Review: Live Unplugged & Yuri Recital02/07/2014
Review: Live Unplugged & Yuri Recital

Live unplugged & Yuri recital: words burning between the Earth and the Sky
In a quiet night under a starry sky, in the silence of the Apulian countryside, while sum... more

Andrea Chimenti's Live Unplugged & Yuri Recital10/06/2014
Andrea Chimenti's Live Unplugged & Yuri Recital

Exclusive in Puglia, Andrea Chimenti's LIVE UNPLUGGED & YURI RECITAL
The brainchild of RadioSpia Records, Andrea Chimenti in mini tour between music and words to te... more

New single for The Alpha States Ashes to Ashes08/03/2014
New single for The Alpha States "Ashes to Ashes"

Released on March 8th, 2014 the new single The Alpha & Andrea Chimenti States - Ashes to Ashes. After about three years from the starting idea, we have a very personal v... more

The Charmin' Elf - The video is out now17/02/2014
The Charmin' Elf - The video is out now

We proudly introduce you the official video "The Charmin' Elf - She'll wear my ring". The #1 of RadioSpia records, released in November 2012, is... more

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We respect the environment30/04/2022
We respect the environment confirms its commitment for a clean world, powering the equipment with solar energy. Thanks to an integrated and "green" energy production, we can have our job with zero impa... more

2022 - New Studio and Rehearsal Room Rates30/03/2022
2022 - New Studio and Rehearsal Room Rates

Recording with us is your best choice! We have updated our rates for 2022 (Italian and English languages).
Recordings start with 26 Eur / h... more

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