Rehearsal Room (Bands)

Covid NOTE: The reharsal room is operating and guarantees individual and hygienic anti-infection distances.
Until the end of the Covid-19 emergency, the only limitation is that we can only accept bands with a maximum of 4 components for 2-hour rehearsal sessions.

Bands can rehearsal here, at a 3,40 € per musician / per hour starting rate, with the following standard equipment:


Gretsch Maple Drums:

bass drum: 20" x 18",
snare drum (optional): 14" x 5", or Pearl Professional Series 14" (iron, '80s)
tom 1: 10" x 8"
tom 2: 12" x 10"
floor tom: 14" x 15"
1 hi-hat stand
2 cymbal stands
Double Pedal Pearl Professional (optional)
Zildjian Scimitar Crash/Ride 18" (optional)
(Drummer usually plays with his own cymbals and snare drum)

Bass Amp:

Bass Amplifier: Trace Elliot GP12 SMX (300 W, 4x10" + TW), or Ampeg BA115

Gtr amp 1:
Fender Stage 112SE (160W - 1987), 2 channels + footswitch,
or Vox AC30 (1978) - (optional)

Gtr amp 2:
Vox Pathfinder, 2 channels + footswitch
or Marshall JCM-800 (1980) (optional)

Digital Stage Piano + stand:
Yamaha P-70s

Acoustic piano: STRAUSS U-832 (circa 1990) (optional)

Vocal Mics:
01 Shure SM 58
01 Akg D-3900
01 Shure SM-57

Mixer: 16 INs > 4 subs - 4 aux sends - 1 Fx processor - 8 compressors
Sound reinforcement + stage monitors: Up to 6 monitors 12" + 1" wedges (115 dB spl
each), equalized with digital 31 band eq. 1/3 oct + feedback destroyer.
Headphones amps: Powerplay Pro-XL HA-4700
Headphones: Akg K-141, K-240, K-55, Sony MDR-Z700, etc.

[Musicians are responsible for the instruments they use]

Opening: from h 10:00 to 24:00, every day.
Our rates are really cost-effective.
 In attachment the price list file.

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