Our Studio Room, where musicians play and record, is 50 sqm wide, has an high ceiling and no foam rubber. It features excellent acoustics and allows many musicians to play and record together, where necessary separated by mobile acoustic barriers.
Our standard recording matrix is 56 preamplifiers to 56 tracks, plus 56 machine returns and up to 24 independent cue monitor mixes (for headphones or wedge monitoring).
If required, we can easily extend the tracks to a number of 80, separate and simultaneous.

MICROPHONES (more then 45 units):
-Neumann U-89i
-Telefunken M-16 tube
-Akg: C-414 B-ULS, Solid Tube, C-3000,  C-2000B, C-418, D-3900, D-112, D-310
-Sennheiser MD-421 (vintage '80s)
-Shure: SM-57, SM-58, BG 4.1, Beta 91, Prologue 16L
-Audix D-1
-Blue Ember, enCORE 100i, enCORE 100
-Electro Voice N/D 967
-Apex: 210 ribbon, 185
-Electro Harmonix R-1 ribbon
-SE Electronics V7
EM700 stereoset, CC100
-Behringer: B-5, SL-85s
-Proel: DM-220

BACKLINE available on request:
-Gretsch acoustic drums, maple wood:
Bass drum: 20" x 18", Snare drum: 14" x 5", Tom 1: 10" x 8", Tom 2: 12" x 10", Floor tom: 14" x 15", Snare drum II: Pearl Professional Series 14" (metal, '80s), Snare drum III: Yamaha Steel 14" x 6,5".
Cymbals: Sabian Hi Hat 14", Paiste 402 Nickel/Silver Hi Hat 14", Sabian Crash 16", Paiste 101 Crash 14", Tosco Crash 18", Zildjian Ride 18", Zildjian Scimitar Crash/Ride 18".
Drums Hardware: Tama Iron Cobra 200 bass pedal, Gibraltar bass drum pedal, Pearl Professional twin pedal, 4 cymbals stands, Gibraltar seat.
-Percussions: tambourines, maracas, shaker, eggs, tuned triangle, castanets, rainstick, darbouka, bongos.
-Guitar Amplifier: Vox AC 30, 33W class A (1978)percussions
-Guitar Amplifier: Marshall JCM 800 50w (1980)
-Guitar Amplifier: Fender Stage 112SE (160W) 1987
-Guitar Amplifier: Vox Pathfinder 15W custom
-Guitar Amplifier: Pignose Legendary
-Guitar Amplifier: Danelectro Honeytone
-Bass Amplifier: Trace Elliot GP12 SMX (300 W) - cabinet 4 x 10" + 1" (input valve and/or solid state)
-Bass Amplifier: Ampeg BA115 (100 W) - cabinet 1 x 15" + tweeter
-Stomp boxes: 4 tube preamps, Boss Hyper Metal HM-3, FDR1 Fender '65 Deluxe Emulator - Electro-Harmonix Big Muff (USA) (anno 1981), Big Muff (Sovtek), Metal Muff with Top Boost, Smallstone, Chill Switch Momentary Line Selector - Behringer TU100 tuner, Vintage Distortion, Hellbabe wah-wah, Preamp/Booster PB100, Instrument/Amp selector AB100, Tube Amp Modeler TM300, Tremolo UT100
-Electric Bass: Fender Jazz Bass, fretless, USA (1962)
-Electric Bass: Fender Jazz Bass, made in Japan (1994)
-Electric Bass: Custom and hand made electric bass, split coil, mod B1 (#001). Top elite quality, perfect instrument, very long sustain. Made in VBG Audio Labs / Puglia / Italy.
-Electric Gtr: Ibanez Studio (year 1979 - 2 Di Marzio super-distortion humbuckers)
-Electric Gtr: Fender Telecaster (1969 Thinline, semi-hollow sunburst, 1 single coil + 1 neck stack coil)
-Electric Gtr: Custom and hand made electric guitar, two humbuckers, mod N1 (#001). Top elite quality, perfect instrument, very long sustain. Made in VBG Audio Labs / Puglia / Italy.
-Electric Gtr: Custom and hand made electric guitar, two single coils, one mini-humbucker, mod N2 (#001). Top elite quality, perfect instrument, very long sustain. Made in VBG Audio Labs / Puglia / Italy.
-Acoustic Gtr: Clarissa Folk (year 1985)
-Acoustic Gtr: Jumbo acoustic Gtr
-Acoustic Gtr: 12 strings Eko acoustic Gtr
-Acoustic piano: STRAUSS UI832 (circa 1990)

-Digital Piano: Yamaha P-70s Digital Stage Piano + stand, weighted keys
-Analog Synth: Jen SX-1000 (year 1975) analog monophonic synt
-Analog Synth: Jen Syntar analog monophonic guitar-synt (year 1974)
-Analog Synth: Analog polyphonic synt (pre-midi) made in U.R.S.S. (year 1979)
-Analog SynthDavolisint, analog monophonic synt, made in Italy (year 1972)
-Digital Synth: Yamaha TX-81Z FM synt
-D.I. Boxes: > 16 channels (active - passive)
-Reamp box: Palmer
-Turntable player: Technics SL-1200MK2

Focusrite, Drawmer, TL Audio, Joemeek, ART, etc.

Yamaha NS-10M Studio, Tannoy Reveal, Fostex NF-1, Vintage Philips monitors, Subwoofer 2 x 8"/320 W, Yamaha NX-630 2 x 350W class AB amplifier, Digital Sound Processor 24bit/96KHz, Luxman class A preamplifier.

Cue Mixing: Up to 24 cue stereo independent mixes - full processing - total recall
Stage monitors: up to 10 wedges - 12"/115 dB spl each; 1/3 oct equalized
Big studio room's talkback monitors: Truth B2031
Headphones amps (20 channels): Powerplay Pro-XL HA-4700, etc
Headphones: Akg K-141, K-240, K-55, K-77, Sony MDR-Z700, Extreme Isolation Ex-29W, etc.

The Studio and Control Room have a wonderful acoustics, optimized in detail as a result of a modern and sophisticated design and construction. The monitors' frequency and phase linearity is checked every three months with the most modern measurement technologies.

You can get excellent cost-effective recordings here!

Our recording rates depend on the number of simultaneous musicians involved. In attachment the price list file (ITA-ENG).

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