Control Room: 30 mq - Rev time 0,26sec [Sabine] - Modal resonances mechanically damped - Acoustic 3D image controlled by custom band diffusors - Specifications approved for recording, 5.1 mixing, 5.1 mastering. Full sound compatibility worldwide.

The Control Room was designed and built to enhance and focus even the smallest sound imperfection, making the correction easy and straight. Its design also gives a fantastic listening experience to well-mixed and  well-mastered records. Recording, mixing and mastering at means you'll never be wrong.

Big Studio room: 50 mq - Rev time 0,5sec [Sabine] - Isolation on each side -  Modal and mechanical damping of resonances -  Variable controlled acoustics - Ideal specifications for all acoustic and electric instruments, including classical and jazz orchestras. Comfort. Versatile monitoring.

The room can accommodate orchestras and allows time saving, thanks to the large multitrack system.
Little Rooms (1 & 2):  5 mq - Rev time 0,15sec [Sabine] - High ceiling - Natural light - Acoustic sound for voices, solo instruments and percussion recordings.

These two small rooms are in visual contact with the control-room (1) and the big studio room (2). They may be used for instruments or voices, if they must perform apart from the Big Room.

Certificates: compliance with the Italian Law 447/1995 ("Noise pollution"); compliance with the D.P.C.M. 01/03/1991 ("Maximum exposure to noise in outdoor living spaces"); compliance with D.P.C.M. 14/11/1997 ("Determination of maximum values for sound sources"); compliance with D.M. 16/03/1998 ("Techniques for detection and measurement of noise pollution"), compliance with art. 5 ("Limits and areas classification") referred to municipal Technical Implementation / C.C. resolution No. 57/1999, etc...

Acoustic design made by a
 team of valued civil engineers and acoustic experts, with Marco Maffei's monitoring. The acoustic results are amazing and really comply with many hi-level European recording studios. News
Safety of customers and technicians at Mastering.it02/01/2022
Safety of customers and technicians at audio labs have been adopting the best anti-Covid protocols signed between the Italian government, trade unions and companies since March 2020, in order to protect the health... more

2021 - New Studio and Rehearsal Room Rates18/10/2021
2021 - New Studio and Rehearsal Room Rates

Recording with us is your best choice! We have updated our rates for 2021 (Italian and English languages).
Recordings start with 25 Eur / h... more

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