New Pseudofonia EP out on 18th Dec, 2019

The Apulian cult band’s new E.P. will be released on 18th Dec, 2019 and contain unreleased songs. A gift to fans for their 30th anniversary.
As a sort of "factory", at the end of the 1980s, in the Art Institute of Foggia, Apulia, a music group was formed, with a line-up more similar to a collective (drums, bass, guitar, accordion, keyboards, percussions, vocals… and friends), surrounded and supported by several close friends who, sharing their days, also inspired the songs, being also contaminated themselves and building further parallel artistic identities, also in the figurative arts.
In this background, the group matured until it became a national cult band, called Pseudofonia.

Antonio Bucci, composer and accordionist of the band, says: “Even though I have been living and playing in Pavia for several years, I am continually receiving demonstrations of esteem even from young listeners who discover Pseudofonia music just recently. This transversal generation touched us and made us decide to renew and unveil, gradually, some more recordings. This EP wants to be a quiet return, but also a demonstration that we have never broken up and that new ideas will come”.

The record company RadioSpia’s coordinator, the sound engineer Marco Maffei, thinks that: “Thirty years later, it is fascinating and exciting to see how Pseudofonia are still able to keep their faithful fans and still good to communicate with a personal style made of tradition, modernity, critical spirit, ska, reggae, dub, folk, wave and pop in a unparalleled, unique and actual musical code, able to narrate the South, able to narrate us worldwide”.
They are a rare example of prophets respected IN their own homeland, and are to be considered a precious and contemporary heritage".

The E.P. “Pseudofonia - 30” will be out on 18 Dec, 2019, available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Cd Baby, Deezer, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, YouTube and all the best digital music platforms.
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