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02/02/2022 audio labs have been adopting the best anti-Covid protocols signed between the Italian government, trade unions and companies since March 2020, in order to protect the health and safety of operators and artists and to guarantee high health and hygiene in the workplace.

Here is a summary of the methods we apply:


We inform anyone who enters the company about the provisions of the Authorities.
Among the information:
  • The obligation to stay at home with fever over 37,5 degrees Centigrade. In the presence of fever (over 37,5°) or other flu symptoms, there is an obligation to stay at home and call your family doctor and health authority.
  • The acceptance of not being able to enter or remain in the studio, and to have to declare it immediately when, even after entry, the dangerous conditions exist: symptoms of flu, temperature, arrival from areas at risk or contact with people Covid positive in the previous 14 days, etc.
  • The responsability to comply with all the provisions when entering the studio. In particular: keep the safety distance, observe the rules of hands hygiene and maintain correct hygiene behaviors.

Methods of access to the headquarters: entrance checks.

The studio receives only after a telephone appointment. The appointments can be agreed only preferibly by voice calling, at number +39-338-6423160, or +39-0881-72630.
The customer must specify which is the service he requires the appointment: sound recording, production, consultancy, course booking, job request, etc.
The access will be limited to one customer at a time, or in any case to no more than four persons, only if essential.
The visitor, before entering the studio, will pass on a sanitizing carpet for its shoes soles, then he may be subjected to a body temperature check and must have his own suitable individual protection mask, to be worn if necessary during the studio session, when it is not technically possible a distance greater than 1,5 meters from the operator.

Cleaning and sanitizing

The ensures daily cleaning and periodic sanitization of rooms, environments, workstations and common areas. It also provides cleaning before and after each studio session and the sanitization of cables, microphones, booms, headphones, instruments, keyboards, screens, mouse, handles, doors and other devices used in the previous session. The sessions are always followed by a one-hour shift for sanitization and ventilation, so each visitor gets the rooms sanitized just before his arrival in the studio. also ensures the sanitizing treatment of its air conditioning systems with anti-bacterial, anti-allergic products and with UVC treatments, which contribute to the capillary and continuous sterilization of the rooms air.

Personal hygiene precautions

Each operator and customer must take all hygienic precautions, especially for his hands. The studio provides suitable hand cleaning soaps, gel and recommends frequent hands cleaning with soap and water.

Personal protective equipment

If the job activity requires to be in the same room and other solutions are not possible, the use of suitable individual protection mask and other protective devices that comply with the provisions of the scientific and health authorities are necessary.
Masks and hand or gel washing, every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds, will be more than enough for all the activities played in our studio.

Management of common spaces
(lavatory, snack area)

The studio common areas are subjected to continuous air ventilation, and limited to short stay times, with a safety distance of at least 1,5 meters between persons. Periodic sanitization and daily cleaning with appropriate detergents is also guaranteed in common areas.

Services organization
(shift, re-modulation of productions, transfers and smart work)

Professional activities that can be done out remotely, without the client’s physical presence in the studio, are preferibly carried out in this remote mode. Interactions with the customer can be made via internet videocalls, otherwise by person after an appointment. Specifically, the following services will preferably be done remotely: music arrangements, productions, editing, mixing, mastering, consultancy, audio restorations, legal reports, quotes, teaching. Instead, we keep recording instruments and vocals played by customer in our studio, in a safe mode, in separate and sanitized rooms, with the methods described above.

Management of a symptomatic case

In the event that a person in the studio develops fever and symptoms of respiratory infection such as cough, he must immediately declare it to the competent health authorities and the emergency numbers for Covid-19 provided by the Puglia Region 800 713 931 or by the Ministry of Health 1500.

UPDATE 2022: Green Pass required.

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